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Paracelsus may have officially named it one thing, but we have never heard from the dancers themselves. The printing press may have circulated stories and announcements, but we have no record of what kind of dancing was actually happening. There are loopholes to the system: codes break down and need to be built from scratch again, the virus corrupts the computer beyond repair, error happens, bodies are deformed, and cures do not work. And just as I admit that I may only be telling some symptoms of the story, and only perpetuating one side of the fear, can we ever really escape? What was Frau Troffea’s body trying to tell her? Did she transcend the system into a trance? Forget standardised shoes and ships of fools, what about Bundschuh movements and peasant revolts? What happens to the medical data we give and the standardisations that are produced? And what is a cure after all? (via dancing, technology, and the plague: cure | THE STATE)

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