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so since i want to start using tumblr (and photoshop) more as a scratchpad:

drone soap operas.

so some of this is just punnery—the bombed and the beautiful, drones of our lives, middleeastenders, casual+y. dronestyself-guiding light.

the aussie soap neighbours probably becomes ‘collateral damage.’ i don’t really know enough soaps off the top of my head to continue. but i’m thinking workplace/warspace drama over straight up romancing the drone.

all this aside, how might you make a drone soap opera—possibly along the lines of ian mcdonald’s soapis in river of gods, but not-fiction and a hell of a lot more diy? stop motion animation and crowdsourced/exquisite corpsed plotlines? what else!

(i am assuming, of course that making a drone soap opera is not a terrible idea. is it?)

  1. justinpickard answered: Something like: electricsheepcomix.com/…
  2. rubymolotov answered: I’d watch this. All My Drones. Would they all be in English or something else? Referencing Mexican/Turkish soaps dubbed in Arabic
  3. interdome answered: As the World Turns (below). Creechton Abbey. General Maintenance Hospital.
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